Love, Joy, Peace...

Welcome to Richwood Chapel Connect! Located in Richwood, Ohio, USA. Sign up to become a member of this site and join in for worship. You will have a relaxed, enjoyable, and uplifting experience at the Chapel as we worship and fellowship together during Praise, Prayer  & Preaching plus our Neighborhood Connect events each Sunday, the Power Gatherings on Wednesdays, and Tuesday Prayer.

Join the congregation as we focus on three basic things: Learn, Live, Lead.

Learn  (about  Almighty God & his plan of salvation)

Live  (for Him through Holy Spirit Leadership)

Lead  (people to eternal life through Jesus Christ, God's only son)

What if I am not right with God?

That is why we are here. No one begins with a complete understanding of God.

How are you different than the other congregations around?

We do not beg for money but allow the Holy Spirit to direct. We teach there is only one truth, and we do not hide it from you - the truth is knowable, and it will not be changed. We explain how to hear and understand the voice of God. Pastor Nathan teaches the entire Bible. At the Chapel, you can learn how to make it to heaven, and how to live for eternity and avoid punishment.

I have had problems in other places. What do I do?

Here, we expect you to start fresh and to grow in the divine favor and knowledge of Jesus Christ. We enjoy the peace, avoid discord, and turn off negativity.

What are the worship gatherings like?

Each Sunday morning, the people meet for Praise, Prayer, and inspired Preaching at 10:30. On Sunday afternoon, you will want to be a part of our Neighborhood Connect. Additionally, the Chapel has a Power Gathering each Wednesday: This is a time to recharge for the rest of the week! 

We keep the worship plain, simple, and easy to understand. You will not hear us speaking anything but words that are understandable (unless the pastor gets tongue-tied). We like living for God: It is fun. Yes, the pastor will preach about eternity (the lake of fire, or heaven), living without sin (against bad things- or things that are not right), modest dress and behavior, and the tactics that the devil uses in today's world to fight against people's souls, but it is not harsh or mean.

What denomination are you?

We are members of the Kingdom of God and do not divide by denomination. The Richwood Chapel congregation fellowships with all believers: Those who accept Jesus as being the son of God, and who are obeying the Bible's teachings. We worship with several other congregations that are Christ-centered, Bible-based, and Spirit-led.

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